Vote for PBS 2016 SXSW Panels

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PBS, PBS member stations and producers have proposed, or have speakers on, more than 20 sessions at the 2016 SXSW Festival, held annually in Austin, Texas. SXSWedu will be held March 7-10, SXSW Interactive is March 11-15, and SXSW Film is March 11-19. The winning panel proposals will be decided in part through an online voting system called SXSW PanelPicker and your help is needed in putting PBS’ panels over the top!

Below is a round-up of the proposed PBS-related panels. Click through any/all to cast your vote (registration is required, but just needs an e-mail address).

Thanks for your support!


Embracing Disruption to Reinvent the Classroom
• Amanda Kruysman, Gold Mill Middle School
• Paul Eyler, Tyler ISD
• Alice Chen, Suzanne Middle School
• Alicia Levi, PBS

Real Science, Games, & You: Explore with NOVA Labs
• Ralph Bouquet, WGBH

SXSW Interactive

Girls & Science: From Barbies to Binary Stars
• Amy Mainzer, NASA
• Sara DeWitt, PBS

Women in Food: Breaking Out Of Traditional Roles
• Matt Schoch, PBS Food
• Vivian Howard, A Chef's Life
• Kelly Cox, Original Fare
• Carrie Welch, Little Green Pickle
• Camas Davis, Portland Meat Collective

Art for All: A Look at The Art Assignment
• Sarah Urist Green, The Art Assignment

Tacos, Hot Rods & Pirate Ships: Drawing 250 Karts
• Chris Bishop, PBS KIDS Digital

From Cartoons to Apps: UI Animation in 2450!
• Miguel Montanez, PBS
• Dave Schlafman, CloudKid

The Adult Trolls of Today Were Kids Once, Too
• Scott Cummings, PBS KIDS
• Izzy Neis Metaverse, Mod Squad

Hey Ladies - Female Showrunners in Public TV
• Sara Just, PBS NewsHour
• Paula Apsell, NOVA/WGBH

A Look Inside FRONTLINE's Future
• Raney Aronson-Rath, FRONTLINE

Diversity in News Reporting, Booking, and Staffing
• Sara Just, PBS NewsHour
• Hari Sreenivasan, PBS NewsHour

Social-first Video and Legacy Branding
• Anna Rothschild, WGBH
• Carla Borras, WGBH
• Dylan Leavitt, WGBH
• Ralph Bouquet, WGBH

Meet the Next Generation of Public Media Producers
• William Brangham PBS NewsHour
• Leah Clapman PBS NewsHour

Innovating for the Future, Not the Platform
• Lauren Aguirre WGBH Educational Foundation
• Pam Johnston WGBH Educational Foundation

Small Teams, Big Impact. The power of prototyping!
• Thomas Lerra, WGBH
• Jim Bodor, WGBH
• Jonathan Ellenberger, WGBH

Arguing Nicely: Is Civil Debate Still Possible?
• Host of Point Taken (Embargoed), WGBH
• Susan Ellingwood, The New York Times

Science on YouTube: Where the Smart Kids Are
• Joe Hanson, It's Okay to Be Smart, PBS Digital Studios
• Trace Dominguez, Discovery Digital Networks
• Derek Muller, Veritasium
• Emily Graslie, The Brain Scoop

Sucked Into the Story: Virtual Reality and News
• Adnaan Wasey, POV Digital
• Nathan Griffiths, Associated Press


From Festival to TV: What Filmmakers Need to Know
• Erika Cohn Idle, Wild Films
• Tony Vainuku, Soulprofile Productions
• Lois Vossen, ITVS

Creating Social Impact Through Film
• Mark Samels, American Experience/WGBH
• Lauren Prestileo, American Experience/WGBH
• Robert Kenner, Robert Kenner Films

Demystifying Digital Distribution
• Linzee Troubh, Cinetic Media
• Flora Pereira, Independent Television Service (ITVS)
• Scott Kaplan, FilmBuff
• Jason Kwong, Fullscreen

New Partnerships in Digital Storytelling
• Karim Ahmad, ITVS
• Ann Derry, The New York Times
• Charlie Phillips, The Guardian
• Kasia Cieplak Mayr von Baldegg, The Atlantic

TV Post Production Meetup
• Chelsea Hernandez, KLRU-TV, Austin PBS

Transforming TV with Brits who Cracked America
• Colin Callender, Playground Entertainment
• Moses Nyachae, Saffery Chapness
• Rebecca Eaton, Masterpiece
• Sara Kosak, Discovery Communications