Preschool Children's Literacy Scores Improve through Classroom Integration of PBS KIDS Media and Professional Development Curricula

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A new study conducted by Education Development Center, Inc. and SRI International demonstrates measurable improvement in a preschool child's literacy skill development when participating in a media-rich PBS KIDS Raising Readers literacy curriculum combined with professional development, in comparison to students who did not use the research-based public media tools. The research evaluated content and interactive games from Super Why!, Between the Lions and Sesame Street in 80 preschool classrooms with 398 children from low-income families.

"PBS KIDS Raising Readers is playing an important and effective role in closing the literacy achievement gap," said Rob Lippincott, Senior Vice President for Education, PBS. "This research confirms progress through the use of new multimedia-enriched teaching resources in supporting kindergarten readiness."

The curriculum combined teacher training with six different activities, integrating media from PBS KIDS Raising Readers series. Children who participated in the literacy curriculum outscored children in the comparison curriculum on all five measures of early literacy used in the study.

Four of the five differences were significant, including:

- naming letters;
- knowing the sound of letters;
- knowing concepts of story and print; and
- recognizing letters in a child's own name.

The study was funded as part of PBS KIDS Raising Readers, a national initiative designed to surround children with a literacy-rich environment, especially children from low-income homes. Parents, caregivers and teachers consistently see PBS as a trusted guide in supporting their children's learning. PBS KIDS Raising Readers is funded by a Ready To Learn grant from the U.S. Department of Education and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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