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PBS Creates TiVo Showcase to Build Audience for New, Existing Programs Through "Opt-in" Promotional Content

ALEXANDRIA, VA - March 4, 2003 - The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and TiVo today announced the second phase of an alliance in which three high-profile PBS primetime programs will be promoted through TiVo Showcases to TiVo subscribers across the country in the coming months. This effort builds on the successful initial collaboration in the fall of 2002, in which the two companies collaborated to promote PBS's "We Remember" programming tribute to the 9/11 terrorism tragedy.

"We want audiences to have access to PBS content on their time and their schedule," said Cindy Johanson, senior vice president, PBS Interactive Learning. "In putting together these new TiVo Showcases -- for three varied and exciting programs coming to PBS -- we look forward to working with the leading DVR platform provider to learn how to most effectively reach viewers and provide on-demand convenience of watching PBS programs made available by local public television stations."

Over the course of the next 6 months, TiVo will spotlight three PBS programs, providing TiVo users the ability to preview special highlights and set the DVR to record programming for viewing at their convenience.

The featured programs are:

1) MANOR HOUSE -- TiVo subscribers will be able to learn more about this new six-part series on PBS by viewing program trailers in advance of the series premiere. MANOR HOUSE is part of PBS' "hands-on history" programming, which documents the experiences of real-life, modern people living in the grand and grueling class system of Edwardian Britain. MANOR HOUSE airs April 28-30.

2) HISTORY DETECTIVES -- TiVo subscribers will not only be able to check out highlights from this new PBS primetime series, but will also receive unique behind-the-scenes video as a team of world-renowned architects, antiquarians and historians use the latest investigative technology to make amazing discoveries about the homes, possessions and family histories of everyday Americans. Coming to local PBS stations in July.

3) NOVA -- TiVo and PBS will provide viewers frequent opportunities to record weekly episodes of NOVA, the most watched science television series in the world and the most watched documentary series on PBS. NOVA airs weekly on most PBS stations.

PBS and TiVo will analyze the monthly results of these campaigns to determine their success in acquiring and retaining existing viewers. PBS has a commitment to expand programming offerings to consumers through on-demand platforms like TiVo.

In addition to featuring the three showcases, TiVo will work with PBS to help refine its program guide information and descriptions to better enable TiVo users to search for programs. TiVo will also help PBS ascertain the best ways emerging DVR applications can support public television programming.

"We're proud to invite TiVo subscribers to enjoy the educational and entertaining programming offered on PBS," said Brodie Keast, SVP and General Manager of the TiVo Service. "With a click of their remote, a TiVo subscriber can see compelling video promotions and then choose to select a Season Pass, automatically scheduling the recording of an entire season of PBS programming."

The TiVo announcement augments PBS's ongoing digital programming strategy to work with major new media services to ensure public television's valued educational content is accessible to viewers in the multiple ways they want to experience PBS.

TiVo Showcases allow brand marketers to engage consumers in a deeper dialogue through long form entertainment content. TiVo Showcases offer a new creative palette for developing branded entertainment. There are no time limit barriers and no schedule limitations like prime time or daytime. And because TiVo Showcases are stored on the hard drive just like television programming, viewers can access the branded entertainment when it fits their schedule.

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