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Alexandria, VA - October 1, 2001- The Public Broadcasting System (PBS), Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), ABC News Nightline, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), and Hot Pepper, Inc.bring to life the Web site associated with PBS's first original series in ten years. LIFE 360 is a new genre of programming featuring some of America's most-talented storytellers. Hosted by Emmy-winning ABC News Nightline correspondent Michel Martin, the 13-week series brings human stories to television and the Web investigating a different theme each week. The Web site launched September 27, 2001 and can be found at www.PBS.org/life360/. The television broadcast of LIFE 360 premieres on PBS October 5, 2001(check local listings).

PBS.org/life360/ takes each of the 13 themes (such as "Six Degrees of Separation" "Voice" and "Milestones") and creates Flash features, photo essays, and digital ephemera. These interactive stories of original content have been created exclusively for the Web. One element of the site is the "Passages" section. It includes beautifully rendered quotes from famous leaders, writers and philosophers. Portland photographers Andy Batt and Kent Derek are contributors, their photos serving as a visual connection to each thought-provoking quote.

Each weekly theme is unveiled on PBS.org three days before broadcast, creating a unique blend of the Web into TV- back to the Web experience.

To manage the development of interactive stories around the 13 themes and all of the creative assets leveraged from the production process, OPB and Hot Pepper, Inc. created a "Content Management Tool". This online asset management system allows the producers to upload materials from all over America. The production team then composes features and insightful pieces from the material in collaboration with the series producers.

Washingtonpost.com will host weekly LIFE 360 chats. Michel Martin, series host, will be the first guest for chat on Friday, October 5, 2001 at 3:00 EST.

Some of the contributors to the LIFE 360 broadcast include Emmy-winning news correspondent Robert Krulwich, comedians Margaret Cho and Jake Johannsen, Academy Award-winning filmmakers Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein and Steven Okazaki, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Ron Suskind and musical talent such as Brian McKnight, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Aimee Mann, John Hiatt and Jewel.

"The site was conceived and created to encourage people to become a part of LIFE 360 by exploring the themes further," said Marion Rice, Senior Director of OPB Interactive. "Stories well told engage people whether they are on line or on television; we hope LIFE 360 on line will bring a new and positive dimension to a multimedia experience for our audience.

Executive Producer Janet Tobias said, "Our hope is that at this moment in time, when our connection with one another has become even more important, the LIFE 360 Web site will inspire people to communicate, to reach out to each other."

OPB is a recognized leader in emerging technologies and the resulting media convergence. OPB has produced major Web sites for PBS.org, as well as Enhanced-TV prototypes, books, companion radio documentaries, and extensive promotion and education/ outreach campaigns for PBS prime time programs. In addition, OPB is one of the founding partners of Public Interactive, a company creating a network of unique online content.


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