Instructional Coaches Support and Inspire Teachers With PBS TeacherLine’s Multimedia Resources

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ARLINGTON, Va. (Oct. 18, 2007) - Instructional coaches, who are responsible for onsite, ongoing professional development for their peers, need high-quality resources and training to deliver on specific district initiatives and student performance goals. As more districts nationwide implement formal coaching programs, they can turn to PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection for an expansive online suite of multimedia resources and tools that support educators with coaching responsibilities. PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection now offers more research-based, standards-aligned content in K-12 math, reading, and instructional technology.

Through PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection, coaches can build a customized, practical professional development program for teachers whether they approach coaching in a face-to-face, online, or blended model. Coaches have access to a rich library of instructional strategies and resources they can draw upon while helping teachers accomplish their goals. Jeanne Spencer, a coach for Laurens School District 56 in Clinton, S.C., commented, "The quality of materials are very aligned with the resources I am being exposed to through my coaches training from the state."

PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection offers:


  • Tutorials and support for coaches as they learn how to be a "guide on the side" while facilitating adult learning and building a community of learners.
  • High-quality multimedia resources, such as videos on best practices and research-based articles, in one searchable location along with a system to rate, tag, and comment on all resources within the library.
  • Coaching Modules, which are resource sets that incorporate both theoretical and practical information to support teachers' learning goals and provide a framework for setting expectations and outcomes around particular instructional strategies.
  • An embedded communication system to easily and quickly access and forward specific resources to one or more teachers.
  • An online community to bring together coaches, teachers, and practice groups for effective collaboration through discussion boards, resource sharing, and other tools.

"PBS TeacherLine [Peer Connection] helped me find engaging online interactives that my students loved," said Katherine Hartmann, a math teacher at East High School in Rochester, N.Y. "It was so easy to search for them myself and view the suggestions from my colleagues and coach. This tool was the fastest way I've ever been able to find and share high-quality resources."

Full subscription service is available to schools, districts and coaching consultants. To tour PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection, visit www.pbs.org/teacherline/peerconnection.



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