RULE 11: Names

All names derived as a result of any offer will be under the control of the viewer's station, and for purposes other than offer fulfillment may be used only with that station's permission.

Comment: This guideline recognizes the relationship between a station and its viewers and a station's interest in determining and limiting the uses of viewers' names to prevent their misuse or overuse. In addition, there is concern that other solicitations may erode a station's source of support and may not be in keeping with the image a station wants to project to its audience.

An exception (subject to compliance with all the other rules) will be permitted for the names from free offers in connection will fully underwritten programs featuring nonprofit, American performing arts institutions to be used by those institutions only for their own fundraising solicitations, so long as (a) such offers of the type being made were made by those institutions before these guidelines were put into effect and (b) all names are shared with stations. In addition, PBS will explore opportunities for using names in cross-promoting other program-related products and may use names for audience and market research.

Under no circumstances may names be used by others in a manner that states or implies a fundraising relationship with PBS or public television, or a relationship between the product offer or solicitation and public television's financial condition or the continued distribution of the related program or other programs on public television.