RULE 10: Fulfillment

  1. The offeror's plans must provide for individualized identification of the viewer's station by station call letter or zip code on all orders. This is designed to facilitate the reconciliation of purchasers' names with their public television station.

  2. The offeror's plans must provide for all orders to be fulfilled within 30 days from receipt of payment.

  3. PBS shall have the right to review all related revenue/financial transactions and fulfillments, including the use of names.

  4. Offerors are responsible for the collection of all sales or use taxes.

  5. All offers must have a full satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

  6. Offerors are responsible for making good on any materials which are damaged or which fail to be delivered.

  7. The offeror must provide only the goods or services requested.

  8. Offerors are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and for compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including the Federal Trade Commission's rule governing mail order merchandise sales as well as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and its implementing regulations; indemnifying and holding PBS and stations harmless against any claims arising out of the offer and sale of program-related materials or a breach of any obligations imposed by these guidelines; and providing all warranties required by PBS with respect to these obligations, the fulfillment of orders, and the satisfaction of all requirements imposed by the guidelines. PBS may require offerors to sign written agreements to this effect.