RULE 8: Placement of Underwriting Credits

  1. Opening Credits
    The underwriting credit pod at the beginning of any program must begin no later than three minutes into the program. The funding credits must be presented in such a way as to maintain a clear separation from program content. Subject to the producer's artistic judgment, PBS strongly encourages opening credits to be placed after a program tease in order to help separate national program funding credits from local funding credits and other material that may appear during the preceding local station break.

  3. Mid-Break Credits
    All mid-breaks must be cleared with Program Management and/or with Fundraising & Syndicated Programming, as appropriate. Once approved, the sequence of events, including whether to make time available for the underwriting credit pod, and switching transitions, are to be determined by those offices. Language and content of underwriting announcements in mid-breaks, if any, are to be consistent with these guidelines.

  5. Closing Credits
    Closing funding credits must appear either immediately before or immediately after the final production credits. PBS encourages producers to insert funding credits before production credits in order to separate and differentiate them from similar credits that may appear in the subsequent local station break.