RULE 6: Disclaimer for Controversial Issue Programs

If the program treats a controversial issue*, the closing funding credit should also include the following statement as part of the funding announcement, preceding the identification of any funders:

"This program was produced by WXXX-TV, which is solely responsible for its content."

Following this statement, any of the alternative preambles listed above may be used. In the case of acquisition funding, it would read like this:

"This program was produced by (producer), which is solely responsible for its content. (National) presentation of this program (or "title") was made possible (in part, in major part) by (a grant from)...(and by (an) additional grant(s) from...)."

* Special FCC regulations apply to programs that address "controversial issues of public importance." Since the application of these guidelines requires a judgment as to whether a program includes a "controversial issue of public importance," producers are urged contact the Program Underwriting Policy Office at PBS, (703) 739-5184, to determine whether this condition applies, and for guidance on the appropriate treatment of credits and disclaimers.