RULE 5: Text of Credits for Production or Acquisition Funding

The introductory text of an underwriting credit is generally left to the discretion of the producer. In any of these options, the producer may use the name of the program or series title in place of "This program."


  • "This program is/was made possible (in part) by (a grant from) . . ."

  • "(National) funding for this program was provided (in part) by. . ."

  • "This program is/was underwritten (in part) by . . ."

  • "Major funding for this program was provided by . . . Additional funding was provided by . . ." [To be used when there is a significant difference in the amounts of underwriting from two or more funders.]

  • "This program is brought to you (in part) by . . ." [This phrase may not be used when there is a close commercial connection between the funder's products or services and the content or focus of the program. The use of the phrase "brought to you by" must be specifically approved by PBS.]

  • "(National) presentation/acquisition of this program is/was made possible (in part, in major part) by (a grant from). . . (and by (an) additional grant(s) from . . .)." [To be used when when a program or series is acquired by public television and the acquisition costs are provided by an underwriter, indicating that the funding credit is solely for acquisition costs and not for production costs.]

The name of the funder may be preceded by the phrase "the people of" or "the people at." However, phrases such as "your friends at" or "the experts at" are not acceptable.

The words "in part" should be used when production costs are only partially funded by underwriters and the balance is assumed by the producer of the program. This is intended to avoid any misimpression that the program was funded in its entirety by the funder when that is not the case. (Program producers are never credited as underwriters, even though they may have contributed to the cost of the production.)

The alternatives above are suggestions. Subject to PBS's approval in advance, other language may be used* so long as phrases do not closely imply a commercial interest or editorial participation by the funder. For this reason, "presents" may not be used. "Sponsored by," because of its extensive use in commercial television, will not be an acceptable way of identifying underwriters; however, variations of that phrase, such as, "Corporate sponsorship provided by," may be acceptable in limited cases, and only in connection with major corporate contributions.

*E.g., in place of the introduction, a clear support message ("We're proud to support Great Performances on PBS") may be woven into the body of the credit.