RULE 13: Credits for Program Distributors

Programs are often acquired from program distributors such as Time-Life, Turner Entertainment, Devillier-Donegan, etc., and questions have arisen about whether and how distributors should be credited. Distributor credits are strongly discouraged in order to minimize clutter. Subject, however, to obtaining PBS's approval in advance, PBS's practices with respect to distributor credits are as follows:

  • Distributor credits are permitted only for bona fide program distributors that are generally recognized as being primarily in the business of television program distribution.

  • If a program is acquired from a bona fide program distributor and funding has been provided from a different source, the distributor credit must be placed at the end of the program. Since the distributor is not an underwriter, the content of the credit is negotiable.

  • Alternatively, if a distributor furnishes a program free of charge, it has the option of a receiving a distributor credit or an underwriting credit, but not both. If the distributor chooses an underwriting credit, the credit must conform to these rules.

  • If a program is furnished free of charge from a third party that is not a bona fide program distributor, the program provider will be treated as an underwriter.