RULE 12: In-Kind Goods and Services

A production assistance credit may be given for in-kind goods and services that have been provided to the producer at no or nominal cost. Because clutter should be avoided, producers should give such credits only when important and necessary to do so. In-kind credits may appear as text in video only and must appear within the normal production credits using the same style, font, color and background as all other production credits. Production assistance credits may identify the actual product or service provided. The text of the video-only credit will generally incorporate one of the following phrases:

"Production assistance provided by . . ."

"(Item/service) provided by . . ."

"Special thanks to . . ."


"Scenes from Citizen Kane were provided by Turner Entertainment."

"Special thanks to the Bettman Archives."

"Production assistance provided by the National Geographic Society."

"Air transportation provided by American Airlines."

Production assistance credits may not incorporate or display the donor's corporate or brand logo(s) or any other identifying information.