RULE 10: Duration of Underwriting Credits

  1. Premier Sponsorship

    The category of Premier Sponsorship is intended to recognize the extraordinarily generous corporate underwriter whose support has made possible certain costly programs*. The maximum allowable credit for a Premier Sponsor is 30 seconds. The aggregate time for acknowledging corporate contributions in any underwriting pod containing a Premier Sponsor must not exceed 60 seconds.
  2. Standard Underwriting

    The maximum allowable credit for any other underwriter is 15 seconds. If there are no Premier Sponsors, the aggregate time for acknowledging all underwriters in an underwriting sequence is 60 seconds.
Producers are strongly urged to parse credit time carefully and in a manner that is consistent with the relative level of each underwriter's contribution, so as to treat all funders in a fair and consistent manner.

Note that introductory language (sometimes called a "preamble") or its equivalent, pursuant to RULE 5, may count toward the maximum duration of an underwriting credit or credit pod.

* Note that Premier Sponsorship is not available for PBS KIDS. Further details about Premier Sponsorship are available from Program Underwriting Policy.