Board of Directors

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Leo Soong

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of Crystal Geyser Water Company

Director since 2009.  Leo Soong is Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of Crystal Geyser Water Company.  He was President of Crystal Geyser from 1977 until 1999.  In 2001 he was acting CEO of the California State Automobile Association (now AAA of Northern California, Nevada & Utah).  From 1971-1976 he held the positions of Senior Securities Analyst and Assistant Vice-President (international affiliates) of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.  Mr. Soong holds the following Board positions:  Director, American Automobile Association (federation of clubs comprising over 51 million members in the US and Canada); Director and former Chair, AAA of Northern CA, Nevada and Utah; Director, ACA Holdings, Inc. (holding company for various AAA affiliates); Director of the Sutter West Bay Hospitals and Medical Foundation; Trustee, Multnomah University, Portland, Oregon; and Chair, Christian Witness Theological Seminary, San Jose, California.  He is former Chair of KQED Inc., Northern California Public Broadcasting; former Lead Independent Trustee of Barclays Global Investors Funds and Master Investment Porfolios: and former Vice-Chair of California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).  Mr. Soong holds an MBA from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction from Stanford University.  He chairs the PBS Investment Subcommittee and serves on the Audit and Finance committees.