Board of Directors

Ronnie Agnew (2018)*
Executive Director
Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Jackson, Mississippi
Donald A. Baer (Chair, 2020)***
Burson Cohn & Wolfe
Washington, DC

Afsaneh Beschloss (Vice-Chair, 2018)**
The Rock Creek Group
Washington, D.C.

Molly Corbett Broad (2020)**
President Emerita
American Council on Education
Washington, D.C.

Maxine Clark (2018)*
CEO, The Clark-Fox family Foundation
Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop
St. Louis, Missouri

Roy Clem (2019)****
Executive Director
Alabama Public Television
Birmingham, Alabama

Erroll B. Davis Jr. (2019)**
Senior Advisor, TalentQuest
Atlanta, Georgia

Chuck Hagel (2019)*
Former Secretary of Defense and Nebraska Senator
Washington, D.C.

Rich Homberg (2019)**
President & CEO
Detroit Public Television
Wixon, Michigan

Shae Hopkins (2019)**
Executive Director & CEO
Kentucky Educational Television
Lexington, Kentucky

Bill Imada (2018)*
Chairman and CCO
IW Group
Los Angeles, California

Larry Irving (2019)***
The Irving Group
Washington, DC
Kim Johnson (2018)****
President&General Manager
Colorado Public Television
Denver, Colorado
Tom Karlo (2018)**
General Manager
San Diego, California
Paula Kerger
Public Broadcasting Service
Arlington, Virginia
Kliff Kuehl (2018)*
President  & CEO
Kansas City, Missouri

Allan Landon (2018)***
Assistant Dean, Eccles School of Business University of Utah
Millcreek, Utah

Becky Magura (2020)**
President & CEO
Cookeville, Tennessee
Tom Rieland (2018)****
General Manager
WOSU Public Media
Columbus, Ohio
Molly Phillips (2020)*
Executive Director & General Manager
Iowa Public Television
Johnston, Iowa
Ramon Rodriguez (2019)**
Former Managing Partner & CEO
Madsen Sapp Mena Rodriguez & Co.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Robert Sachs (2018)*
Principal, Continental Consulting Group, LLC,
and former President & CEO of NCTA
Boston, Massachusetts
Neal Shapiro (2020)**
President & CEO
New York, New York
Lisa Shumate (Vice-Chair, 2020)**
Associate Vice President & General Manager
Houston Public Media
Houston, Texas
Brian Sickora (2018)**
Executive Director & General Manager
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Evan Smith (2018)**
CEO & Editor-in Chief
The Texas Tribune
Austin, Texas
Gary Stokes (2019)*
President and General Manager
Spokane, Washington

The Directors are responsible for governing and setting policy for PBS. In total, the Board comprises 27 members: 14 Professional Directors (station managers); 12 General Directors (outside directors); and the PBS President. All PBS Board members serve three-year terms, without pay.

Term expires at the fall Organizational meeting of the Board in the year shown in parenthesis.
*=First Term
**=Second Term
***= General Director Third Term
****= Filled vacancy mid-term; eligible for two full subsequent terms